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Club Black Freighter

Club Black Freighter

Club Black Freighter

We're sorry, but subscriptions for Club Black Freighter are gone for good. Subscriptions for Club Eternia® and Club Infinite Earths will be available in July 2013. Sign up for email to get all the updates.


Gone For Good

Please read the details for Club Black Freighter below, then return to the main Subscriptions page to make your selection.

About Club Black Freighter

For the first time ever, Mattel proudly offers our new Watchmen Club Black Freighter, a subscription to figures inspired by one of the all-time greatest comics! A total of six figures will be released throughout the year, resulting in a collection of all six Watchmen team members by year’s end. Mattel worked hard to secure exclusive rights to these comic-based figures and we’ll treat them right: each one will be sculpted by the Four Horsemen and comparable in articulation, scale and level of detail to our Masters of the Universe® Classics Club Eternia® and DC Universe Club Infinite Earths 6” figures. Most come with accessories (for example, Rorschach will include a gas gun) and every figure will arrive with an authentic Watchmen logo base.

Benefits of Club Black Freighter

Along with guaranteeing you’ll own a complete collection of the comic-based Watchmen character figures, we’ve got even more reasons to purchase this all-new subscription:

  • First-Ever Comic Book Look: You’ve never seen the team from Watchmen rendered like this! Be among the first to own core members The Comedian, Doctor Manhattan, Ozymandias, Nite Owl, Rorschach, and Silk Spectre, as they were illustrated in the comic series and graphic novel.
  • Early Shipping: Subscription orders generally begin shipping two business days before non-subscription orders so subscribers usually get their orders before non-subscribers.
  • NEW! Early Access to Non-Subscription Products: In 2013, all Club subscribers get early access to all non-subscription products, regardless of brand! That means you’ll have the chance to purchase hot items not available through subscriptions before non-subscribers, like 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises 8” Batman™ figure and the Ghostbusters™ PKE Meter prop replica. Availability is first-come, first-served, so if products sell out to subscribers during the early access period, that’s it – no additional product will be made available to non-subscribers at that time. Have questions? Click here to learn more about Early Access!

Club Black Freighter Details

There’s a lot of information here, so please read carefully before you make your purchase…

  • The 2013 membership subscription purchase period ends on Monday 8/6 at 11:59 p.m. PT and there will be no extensions so get yours now! Ready to make your purchase? Return to the main Subscriptions page.
  • The total commitment for 2013 is $150 for 6 figures @ $25 each, plus applicable fees/taxes and shipping (varies depending on your location and the shipping method you choose).
  • Figures are announced approximately one to two months before each on-sale date. The schedule to date includes Rorschach (January) and Doctor Manhattan (March). All names and release dates are subject to change.
  • You may purchase as many memberships as you want during the on-sale period - there are no limits! Once the enrollment period has ended, memberships cannot be purchased until the following year (if offered).
  • When you purchase a membership, your credit card will be pre-authorized for $25 plus estimated shipping and taxes, which is the cost of the first month’s figure. Pre-authorization means that the money is reserved from your available credit card balance. This is a standard practice done to ensure your credit card has sufficient funds available. The pre-authorization will drop off after several days and you will not be charged for the first figure until it ships in 2013. For more information about pre-authorizations, please visit the Shop FAQs.
  • Beginning with the first shipment in January 2013, your credit card will be automatically pre-authorized approximately five (5) calendar days prior to the official on-sale date of each Club Black Freighter item, then charged when the item ships. Figures usually begin shipping approximately two (2) business days prior to the official on-sale date, around the 15th of each month.
  • Applicable taxes and fees may apply depending on your location and are billed with products. Please visit the Shop FAQs for more information about domestic and international taxes and fees.
  • Shipping costs apply and will vary depending on the destination, weight of the package and the shipping method chosen. These costs are billed with products. For 2013, there will be updates to shipping costs and methods, including a new, lower cost option for international customers. Most shipping methods will see small increases in cost, although some premium methods will see a slight decrease in cost. UPS International will be replaced with DHL, which provides a better service, including signature delivery and 2 to 3 day delivery times in most regions, at a substantially lower price than UPS International. We will still offer International Post as an option for international customers, but “lost” or “not received” shipments will not be replaced or refunded.
  • Should your card expire during the membership period, you’ll be able to update any credit card information. You can also change your billing and/or shipping address.
  • Club figures may or may not be available for purchase at our regular monthly sales (around the 15th of the month). If these club releases are made available, both subscribers and non-subscribers will have the chance to purchase them. Availability isn’t guaranteed and the purchase limit is ten (10) per person. .
  • Ordering multiple subscriptions from multiple brands? All subscription orders from all brands with product releases in the same month will ship together regardless of whether they are purchased in the same transaction. They must have the same billing address, shipping address, payment details and shipping method in order to be shipped together.  Combined shipping will occur only after the first figure in a subscription has shipped. If you’d rather they didn’t ship together, you’ll be able to change this default.
  • Special convention items, reissues, weapons paks, stands and other accessories are not included. Mattel reserves the right to offer those and any other Masters of the Universe® items, and reissue non-subscription items. Subscriptions will not include any additional items beyond those listed above.
  • Other figures purchased outside the membership are charged and shipped separately.

Remember, Club Black Freighter subscriptions are only available for a short time. The 2013 membership subscription purchase period ends on Monday, 8/6 at 11:59 p.m. PT and there will be no extensions so get yours now! Ready to make your purchase? Return to the main Subscriptions page.

P.S.  Subscriptions are also available for DC Universe Club Infinite Earths and MOTUC Club Eternia®!

Subscriptions CANNOT be purchased in the same transaction with non-subscription products. If you would like to purchase products other than subscriptions, please complete your subscription purchase first, then return to the Shop.

You must be 18 or older to purchase this product.

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