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Club Filmation <br/>2013 July-December

Club Filmation <br/>2013 July-December

Club Filmation
2013 July-December

Available 4/15 9 a.m. PT thru 4/30 11:59 p.m. PT


No Longer Available

Please read the details for Club Filmation below, then return to the main Subscriptions page to make your selection.

About Club Filmation

In celebration of the classic He-Man® and She-Ra® series, Club Filmation will deliver six all-new MOTUC figures from those fan-favorites! In 6” scale “Classics” style, they’re designed to blend seamlessly with your existing collection. A variety of heroes and villains will be included, both main and supporting characters.

Originally offered last July and running July 2013 through December 2013, we’ve re-opened subscriptions for those who missed the initial enrollment period. When you purchase a subscription during this limited enrollment period, you’ll be automatically shipped and billed for the Club Filmation monthly figure approximately every month from July 2013 through December 2013.

This special enrollment period ends on Tuesday 4/30 at 11:59 p.m. PT and there will be no extensions so get yours now! Ready to make your purchase? Return to the main Subscriptions page.

Benefits of Club Filmation

Along with authentic MOTUC products showing up right at your door, we’ve got even more reasons you’ll want to purchase a subscription:

  • Lower Price, Guaranteed Products: The price for monthly subscription figures in 2013 is $25 each when shipped through a subscription. These figures are $27 when purchased on regular monthly sale days at the 15th of the month – if they’re available at all. Some subscription figures won’t be sold on the regular monthly sale day, and many that are may sell out quickly, so a subscription is the only way to guarantee you’ll get every club release.
  • Early Access to Non-Subscription Products: In 2013, all Club subscribers get Early Access to all non-subscription products, regardless of brand! That means you’ll have the chance to purchase hot items not available through subscriptions before they’re released to the general public, like our 2013 convention figure, Strobo, and the upcoming Ghostbusters™ Ecto Goggles. Availability is first-come, first-served and some quantities are extremely limited, so if products sell out to subscribers during the Early Access period, that’s it – no additional product will be made available to non-subscribers at that time. (Please note: Early Access for subscribers to Club Filmation begins in July 2013.)
  • Early Shipping: Subscription orders generally begin shipping two business days before non-subscription orders so subscribers usually get their orders before non-subscribers.

Club Filmation

There’s a lot of information here, so please read carefully before you make your purchase…

  • Subscription Cost: Monthly subscription includes one figure approximately every month beginning in July for a total of six figures. The total commitment will be $150 (6 figures @ $25 per figure) plus shipping/taxes/fees and there is no membership fee. ONCE PURCHASED, MEMBERSHIPS MAY NOT BE CANCELLED.
  • Shipping, Taxes and Fees: Shipping costs apply and will vary depending on the destination, weight of the package and the shipping method chosen. These costs are billed with products.  Applicable taxes and fees may apply depending on your location and are billed with products. Please visit the Shop FAQs for more information about domestic and international taxes and fees.
  • Subscription Figures: Figures are announced approximately one to two months before each on-sale date. Upcoming figures revealed to date are Icer™ (July), Shokoti™ (August), and Batros™ (September). We’ve also revealed a mysterious sword that will belong to the November figure. Find out its owner at SDCC, along with the October and December figures. All names and release dates are subject to change.
  • Subscription Purchase Limits: There are a limited number of these subscriptions available. You can purchase as many new subscriptions of any kind as you like until they sell out. Once the enrollment period has ended, memberships cannot be purchased until an official enrollment period is opened.
  • Credit Card Charges: When you purchase a membership, your credit card will be pre-authorized for $25 (the cost of the first month’s figure) plus estimated shipping and taxes for the figure. Pre-authorization means that the money is reserved from your available credit card balance. This is a standard practice done to ensure your credit card has sufficient funds available. This pre-authorization amount will drop off after several days and you will not be charged for the first figure until it ships in 2013. For more information about pre-authorizations, please visit the Shop FAQs. Beginning with the first shipment in May 2013, your credit card will be automatically pre-authorized approximately five (5) calendar days prior to the official on-sale date of each Club Infinite Earths item, then charged when the item ships. Figures usually begin shipping approximately two (2) business days prior to the official on-sale date, around the 15th of each month. For more information about how subscription renewals work, please visit our Fan Forums.
  • Account Changes: Should your card expire during the membership period, you’ll be able to update any credit card information in the My Subscriptions section of or you can contact Customer Service at 1-877-GO-MATTY or You can also change your billing, shipping, and email address.
  • Combined Shipping: If you have current club subscriptions and purchase additional subscriptions during the April open enrollment, all of your subscriptions will be eligible for combined shipping the next time after the new subscriptions initially ship. New Club Eternia® and Club Infinite Earths subscriptions will be eligible beginning in June (the first month they ship is May), new Club Black Freighter subscriptions will be eligible in July (it’s bi-monthly and begins in May), and new Club Filmation subscriptions will be eligible in August (it begins in July). They must have the same billing address, shipping address, payment details and shipping method in order to be shipped together. And if you’d rather they didn’t ship together, you’ll be able to change this default.  
  • Non-Subscription Purchases: Regular club releases may or may not be available for purchase at our regular monthly public sales (held on or just after the 15th of the month). If these club releases are made available, both subscribers and non-subscribers will have the chance to purchase them, but the price will be higher than through the subscription ($27 for regular figures). Availability isn’t guaranteed and the purchase limit is ten (10) per person.
  • Other Products: Special convention items, reissues, weapons paks, stands and other accessories are not included. Mattel reserves the right to offer those and any other Masters of the Universe® items, and reissue non-subscription items. Subscriptions will not include any additional items beyond those listed above. Other figures purchased outside the membership are charged and shipped separately.

Remember, Club Infinite Earths subscriptions are only available until Tuesday, 4/30 11:59 p.m. PT and there will be no extensions! Ready to make your purchase? Return to the main Subscriptions page.

P.S. Subscriptions are also available for DC Universe Club Infinite Earths, Club Eternia, and Watchmen Club Black Freighter!

Subscriptions CANNOT be purchased in the same transaction with non-subscription products. If you would like to purchase products other than subscriptions, please complete your subscription purchase first, then return to the Shop.

You must be 18 or older to purchase this product.

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